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Para cord bracelet is made up of high quality of threads in a cost effective way. The bracelet is our aim is to provide our customers with a high quality handmade product. The bracelet is available in 550 colors of Para cord and 425 tactical cords available in our workshop. Para cord bracelet not only looks fashionable, they are strongly made up of the military spec Para cord.

Para cord bracelet is very handy while travelling it used as a Survival Accessories, navigation- adventures, exploring, survival grenade, and ranger, EDC multi tool.  This is very much useful for military purpose.

We milspec550 independent business, located in the southern eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. We are working hard to easier shopping and shipping.  Owner of this business is mark, serving with the Australian army from 35 years.

Our products and designs cater for the likes of ladies and children or anyone who wants to be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse or simply for the fashion conscious, military members, four wheel drive enthusiasts, campers, survivalists and first responders.

We give importance to service and pride ourselves on providing excellent customer.

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